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David T Lee

I’m really interested in helping people address and explore problems that they are personally inspired to solve.

One of the key responsibilities of leaders is to create environments that encourage people to experiment and collaborate. It’s amazing to see what happens when thoughtful people are given room to run.  We have found that the most important part of innovation is not about finding the rare idea, but rather finding the talented and courageous people who are have the will to push something forward and give life to pragmatic solutions.

At work, I lead innovation programs at UPS | United Parcel Service.  Now, more than ever, companies need to provide environments where people are empowered to bring every ounce of creativity, brilliance, and oddness with them as they head into the office. Human beings can be so amazing on weekends. We as need to make it easier for people to bring their Saturday-Self to work and create great products and experiences for our customers and our co-workers.  The future may depend on it.

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Recently, I had the great honor of standing on a TED stage and sharing my hopes for a future of work that is designed for humans.  Advanced technologies like machine learning, robotics, and computer vision are rapidly reshaping the tasks that we currently think of as “work.”  We need to start actively designing the new kind of jobs that will still be relevant in an age of intelligent machines.


I imagine that most people found this website because of that talk.  So, to make your visit worthwhile, perhaps you might enjoy watching a remarkable talk that my brother, Johnny Lee gave at TED in 2008.



I am always looking for great people to collaborate with or share a few stories. Please feel free to contact me for any reason.