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David T Lee
Vice President, Innovation & Strategic Enterprise Fund
UPS | United Parcel Service | www.ups.com



David is the VP of Innovation and the Strategic Enterprise Fund at UPS.

At its heart, innovation is about enabling people to chase down ideas that are important to them. Often we obsess over “ideas,” but an idea is useless without the drive and capability needed to take an idea and turn it in to something real. Innovation programs provide both pathways and permission for people to take action on ideas that inspire them. We provide a framework that encourages people to explore, experiment, and try. We aim for great successes, but we structure for good failures as well.

We are living in a period of unprecedented disruption. To compete effectively, large companies must harness the energy and creativity of the people who come to work there every day. Our programs work to unlock the passion and genius inside the minds of our people.

The Strategic Enterprise Fund is UPS’s strategic venture capital group. His team works to build collaborative bridges with start-up companies, large firms, universities, and research entities. Prior to joining UPS, David co-founded and led Innovation Programs at SunTrust Bank. He has a BA in economics from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

David lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA which the global headquarters for United Parcel Service.